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Mistakes when interior design

Interior design and decoration have become an indispensable thing in every family to make the home owners’ living space more lively and attractive.

Many people think that interior design is quite simple and easy. The fact is not as easy as you think.  If you want to decorate a house that is both beautiful and scientific, you need to pay attention to a lot of issues. Even professional designers still make mistakes when planning furniture.

Here are the most common mistakes that home owners usually get in interior design and a few tips for improvement. Let’s find out below!

Decorate the house according to the trend

Currently, the interior layout style for the house has quite a lot of trends ranging from classic to modern to suit the preferences of home owners. While keeping up with the trends of the times is a good thing, trending decorators will not only cost you a lot of money, but you won’t be able to use it for a long time. Because any trend will sometimes become outdated. And they have to yield to the rise of another new style.

Trends are one thing that can change quickly in a future day, so you shouldn’t blindly follow trends. And spend too much time decorating your home and then continue decorating it again when the trend has changed. Do not let your beloved home be disturbed by the trend. In the best way, you should choose a design that you like most and be faithful to it.

Incorrect combination of many contrasting colors

incorrect combination of many contrasting colors
incorrect combination of many contrasting colors

Combining the contrasting colors improperly is a very serious error that greatly affects not only in daily life but also in human health. Because color affects feeling a lot. They can make you feel happy and comfortable. In contract, they can also make you tired, irritable, and stressed.

Many people want to create a little bit of a break for their home to be more beautiful. They have mixed many different colors. That’s also pretty good if you know the right combination. Conversely, if you do not know how to mix, combining contrasting colors can be a disaster for your home. Therefore, decorating houses in varying styles need rationality. You need to carefully consider the colors you want to combine and see if it suits each other. In particular, do not arbitrarily use them without consulting interior magazines. In the best way, you should advise the experts for interior decoration and wall paint to choose the most suitable color.

Furniture does not fit the house

furniture does not fit the house
furniture does not fit the house

Furniture that is too big or too small will bring a sense of ‘falling in the mood’ for your room. Besides, It also makes your home space becomes not square and narrower. No matter how beautiful and expensive the item is. With the wrong size, your house will naturally become less luxurious and less sophisticated.

Instead of focusing on purchasing your favorite furniture, you need to consider the size of the furniture first (especially if you’re in a small space). First of all, understand the room size and consider the options accordingly. Next, you should share space with many different items. You should not spend the whole space with just a large bed or sofa because this design makes your space monotonous.

To solve this problem, you make a list of the items you desire and gradually remove things that do not fit in the room. It is important to be considerate and restrained so that your residence is not clogged with unnecessary items. By doing so, you will have a suitable and elegant space.

Improper arrangement of power outlets

improper arrangement of power outlets
improper arrangement of power outlets

To be fair, the number of sockets in a room depends on the purpose and the number of electrical appliances expected. Sometimes people may not realize that some rooms lack sockets. And others have too many. Placing electrical appliances and sockets is usually the job of the designer, but home owners and individuals can ask the designer and adjust the outlet to their liking.

When setting up a power outlet, you should also pay attention not to set up too many sockets in one space. You may believe that this setup makes it usable anywhere in the house. However, when set up too much, it not only ruins the aesthetic wall of your home but also risks you especially young children. Therefore, you should only set up about 2 to 3 electrical outlets in space is the most reasonable.

Lots of messy furniture

lots of messy furniture
lots of messy furniture

It can be seen that decorating and arranging furniture in a large space will be much easier than in a narrow space. Therefore, arranging a large amount of furniture in a small area in small houses is always a big challenge. Especially for families with children. Children are extremely mischievous ages. They always throw things in a mess. That makes a lot of parents tired of having to clean up all the time. Therefore, the advice for those who are in this situation is to look for smart furniture storage designs to optimize your tight space.

One of the most useful items I find helpful for storing furniture is the best floating shelf. Floating shelves are a fairly common item in homes from families with large spaces to narrow spaces. Besides being used to decorate the space to become more luxurious and beautiful, it is also extremely useful in storing items that make your space cramped. Moreover, you can also use to put frequently used or necessary items such as best led flashlights that are used during a power outage or ambulance box when you accidentally get injured while cooking, etc.

Abuse, lack of restraint

abuselack of restraint
abuselack of restraint

Abuse and lack of moderation are also one of the most common mistakes when interior decoration in a house that you unknowingly notice. Usually, anything once done and planned is going to work best. In interior design, too. If the interior is not designed as planned, you should be psychologically prepared to turn your home into a mess with all the decorations that have been purchased with different styles. That is terrible.

Therefore, as long as you learn how to control and select when designing, the problem will be solved. Let’s determine a unique style for the whole room space now.

In conclusion

I have presented a few mistakes when designing furniture that many people encounter. If you make one of these errors, change it now to make your home more beautiful and aesthetic. Hopefully, the information I have given is useful to you. And thank you for reading through this article.

Distinguishing between the indoor laser level and outdoor laser level

The indoor laser level and outdoor laser level are two main machines that have a lot of advantages and usefulness in life from the past till now. Both of them appear to give people the best way to work in so many different areas. Do you want to know which type is more popular than the other? But the answer is both of the two machines are important and significant in our life. The outdoor laser level and indoor laser are two major kinds of laser level nowadays. There are both similarities and differences between the outdoor laser level and indoor laser level. In this article, I will help you learn more about the different and similar features between two of them so that you can easily distinguish the outdoor laser level from indoor laser level.

The resemblance of the indoor laser level and outdoor laser level

The indoor laser level and outdoor laser level show us some characteristics in common. So I will give you some useful information about the similarities between them. First of all, both the indoor laser level and outdoor laser level are belong to the laser level nowadays. People divide the laser level into two types because of its application, function, and color. Although the outdoor laser level and outdoor laser level are two types, they have the same using purpose to measure and determine the equilibrium points precisely. That makes them useful for so many different works in our life.

The indoor laser level and outdoor laser level are the same in appearance. That is one of the important features between them. The small and compact form is one of the factors that help them more and more convenient and useful for those who need to work with them every day. Moreover, we also need to mention the durability and safety of the indoor laser level and outdoor laser level. That means that both of them have high durability and safety for users. Some people consider them as one of their friends in their life because they are so friendly with human and environment. When people contact with the laser level for a long time, their relationship is closer and difficult to be broken.

The dissimilarity between the indoor laser level and outdoor laser level

As I mentioned before, there are some similarities between the indoor laser level and outdoor laser level that we should keep in mind. However, I can see some differences between them.

Generally, The outdoor laser level and indoor laser level differ from each other in a lot of features including color, application, and some other features. In this article here, I will introduce to you the difference between the application and structure between them.

They are different from the structure

Although the outdoor laser level and indoor laser level are similar in appearance, two of them contain some dissimilarities about the structure inside. The indoor laser level is often designed with the red rays while the outdoor laser level is designed with green rays. This is the first difference between them. Each of them is created with different color beams because of a lot of reasons. The red rays machine will be fit to be applied in the indoor environment such as in the houses and factories. In contrast, the green rays machine will be suitable for an outdoor environment. People created two main types so that we can apply and use the laser level flexibly in different working environments.

The indoor laser level and outdoor laser level differ from the application

As I talked, the laser level has two main colors of rays that are red and green. That also makes the indoor laser level and outdoor laser level have different working conditions. Let me give you some examples here. The red rays laser level will be appropriate for works in the indoor other while the green rays laser level will be suitable for works in outdoor. The outdoor laser level and indoor laser level are very useful for some fields including carpentry, designing interior, building, decorative purposes, and many other important fields in our life. However, the indoor laser level and outdoor laser level are different from the working conditions. For instance, the best laser level for hanging pictures can be the outdoor laser level or indoor laser level. If we hang an picture in the house, we should use the indoor laser level. In contrast, we should use the outdoor laser level if we use it for hanging pictures in outdoor condition.

To sum up

The indoor laser level and outdoor laser level are the main kinds of the laser level. They have both the similarities and differences about function, application, structure, and color rays. It can be seen that both of them are very useful for our life in a lot of working purpose.

Problems you may encounter when operating a wood planer

Woodworking and sculpture are still preserved and developed as well as other professions. The expansion of the wood industry, followed by the development of woodworking machines, especially the wood planer that is an indispensable tool and an effective assistant to help carpenters easily flatten. , smooth wooden panels, thereby creating exquisite, beautiful products in today’s furniture manufacturing.

However, The best wood planer usually works with high performance and under high pressure. Consequently, when used for a long time, unfortunate incidents and failures are likely evident. And this not only makes it difficult for people to work, but it can also cause unnecessary risks.

Therefore, Questions about how to avoid errors and minimize the damage and harm caused by operating a wood planer are of more interest and attention.

In this article, I pointed out some common problems when using the cutters that you can refer to if you encounter them, you know how to handle them.

The ac motor does not start in the planer

Improper installation of wood planers is the cause of the motor from the power does not work. The circuit is assembled incorrectly, the power supply is not stable or the electric wire is too small to load the electricity leads to making the planer motor unable to start.

In case of touching masse due to the main short-circuiting, it opens the main winding circuit, the coil in 1-phase electric motor makes the combination lose. It can be determined using a VOM meter.

Affecting the masse will cause electric shock, when the engine may explode and lead to masse touch. Now, please check whether the engine is peeling or not. If yes, it should be repaired promptly.

When you hold the planer, the power shakes slightly in case of a slight shock. The cause is because the engine is contaminated with moisture, it needs to be dried. In the case of a strong electric shock, you must quickly bring it to a repair center for timely warranty.

The electric motor in the planer generates heat too quickly

The reason is that by affecting the phase coils, making the engine to heat rapidly and smoke may be emitted.

If this situation is maintained for a long time, the motor will be reduced and the buzzing will be generated, resulting in reduced productivity.

When the engine starts to pull the mass, the speed decreases, the heat creates, which leads to the case that the pressure is not pulled due to a sudden increase in the phase of the motor.

Wood planing motor when running, sometimes not

In many instances, the wood planer is suddenly stopped, resulting in an incomplete product. At this time, users need to check the power supply in the motor, whether the plugs are loose or not. Or the circuit breakers are working properly, the power supply CBs, screw joints are loose or not.

These problems require to be repaired in time because a sudden power outage will cause the planing machine to be interrupted. The engine that is operating but suddenly shut down will easily lead to an engine fire.

Or need to check the connectors and joints in the motor winding, the welding joints are also the cause of the motor of the wood planing device flickering, directly affecting the service life of the wood planer.

The heat generation is too hot when the engine is operating

This not only affects the motor but can also cause injury to the user, the main reason is:

  • Operation is suddenly lost phase.
  • The rotor motor is touched by the stator, which generates heat locally.
  • The power supply is not sufficient with the rated voltage.
  • Ventilation holes in the electric motor of the planing machine do not work.
  • Due to the incorrect assembly order of the machine’s parts, leading to an increase in unnecessary resistance to the engine of the machine when operating also generates heat.

The planer motor has the hum and the speed is not high

Due to insufficient power supply voltage will cause power interruption or short circuit in the engine is reduced to make a buzzing sound.

In conclusion

Above are some common errors in the operation of the wood planing device as well as the best thickness planer. Hopefully, this information will help you take note and make better use of your wood planer. And thank you for taking the time to read this article

How to locate leaks with a moisture meter

The leakage of structure in building materials from an office or a house is not new problem. In fact, you suddenly see the walls or ceiling of your home getting wet. That is not difficult to explain.These are obvious signs of a leak. Your wall has leaked in its structure.

However, finding a leak quickly is important. Because leaks not only add to the cost of water bills, the damage caused by water entering the structure can also require you to spend thousands of dollars on restoration and repair.

For many common leaks, finding and fixing the source of the problem is relatively easy. For example, if your faucet or shower is leaking, you may just require to tighten or replace a new one to repair this problem. Because the source of the leakage is in clear vision. However, not all leaks occur in simple, accessible or visible spots. Sometimes, water ingress occurs in places that you cannot see directly, such as behind walls or on ceilings, where visible signs of leakage may not appear immediately

To solve this difficult problem, manufacturers have invented a hygrometer. It is a very useful tool for detecting moisture in building materials and for identifying leaks in structures, even if the origin can be out of sight. This is why the hygrometer has quickly become an important and indispensable tool for water damage repair professionals or contractors.

How can you locate a leak with a hygrometer? Many of you have asked this question, right? In this article, I will give some tips on how to locate a leak when using a hygrometer. Let’s start reading and find out.


How to locate leaks in walls, dry plaster, bricks and concrete

Construction materials like dry plaster, bricks, and concrete usually have very little moisture in them.

However, when they leak, it is difficult to identify and place. So, how to solve this problem? Let’s get yourself a hygrometer. It helps you to discover most of those leaked locations.

Find out how to find out where it leaks now. You will require the following:

To start locating a leak, you need to set the gauge in an area of building material that you know is wet. Then, attach the insulated wire to the foundation and one of the hygrometer contact pins. When the cord is connected to one of the contact pins, apply the other pin to different parts of the material where you suspect a leak might be coming from. The battery moisture meter gives a “wet” result, the wall gets wet between the two contact points. If the battery meter shows a “dry” response, the material is not in the leak. Continue testing with other locations until you determine the leak area limit.

This procedure will help you determine the location of a leak using a hygrometer when examining building materials to ensure that the materials are in their best condition.

Find leakage on the insulating material

When the loose insulation gets wet, the moisture not only damages the building’s thermal stability, it also becomes a potential hiding place for mold. Over time, the moisture retained in the insulation will begin to affect the structures that the insulation is exposed to and cause damage.

To test the insulation, you will need to use a hygrometer with extended length probes. Because only the ends of these pins are exposed, you can easily determine the depth of insulation in an insulated bag. You don’t have to tear down the entire wall to get the insulation to start the test, you just require to drill two 3/16 diameter holes and install it an inch apart in the outer or plaster walls of your home to measure.

Once the holes have been drilled, push the pins into the holes and start reading at different depths using the reference ratio setting of your battery meter. Setting the reference rate will give you a relatively accurate assessment of any moisture present in the material measured. When you have finished reading the moisture, seal the holes drilled with suitable fillers.

Especially in cold weather, water vapor in the air will condense, which causes moisture to rise rapidly. Moreover, It causes the steam to be trapped in the insulation of the material. Therefore, you should check the humidity regularly

In conclusion

By locating a leak with a hygrometer, you can save time and money for plumber or restoration specialist to know where the leak is coming from. The less time they seek a leak to repair water damage, the lower your labor costs will be. It is extremely useful, isn’t it? Let’s consider and purchase the best moisture meter for your family right away. Finally, hope the article is helpful for you and thank you for taking the time to read.

Color Palette: Backyard Romance

Today I’m working on new holiday designs (yes, holiday) and am feeling inspired by these romantic backyard hues. We’ll see how they translate to jolly elves and boughs of holly …

Wish List: Outfit for a Zen Workout

I’m not a New Year’s Resolution type of girl. Never have been. However, January really does feel like a good time to re-dedicate myself to one of my true loves: working out. My very first job, where I actually got a paycheck, was at a gym. I feel really comfortable at a gym. I’m not one of those gym rats, who hang out all day and chit chat. In fact, I’ve been going to my current gym for about six months and have yet to say more than about 10 words to anyone. I like solitude in my workouts. One of the things that annoys me the most in life is people who talk during workout classes. My favorite workout used to be swimming (go figure) but these days I just don’t have the time. My mom introduced me to spin classes, and I’m hooked. Although it’s a class environment, it’s truly a solitary type of feeling I get in that class. I usually close my eyes during much of the workout, so it’s peaceful, like swimming.

Here are a few items on my wish list … things that would make my workout a little more chic, a little more comfy, a little more cool: Green jacket from Athleta; Shimano cycle shoes from Zappos; cute graphic grey tank top from Old Navy; capri workout pants from Old Navy; ta ta tamer bra from lululemon; and a pretty AND functional water bottle with filter right in it by Bobble (designed by Karim Rashid) from A+R Store.

Haute off the Letterpress: Custom Moroccon Invitation

One of our lovely clients, fresh from a trip to Morocco, asked us to design a birthday party invitation inspired by photos from her trip. We worked together to come up with the perfect palette: peacock and marine blue, paired with bright white 100 percent cotton paper. We toyed around with graphics of Fez hats, moroccon slippers and lamps, but decided upon the pitcher as it was the most festive looking. My favorite touch is the patterned liners.

Three Pretty Flowers for Summer (and Fall) Weddings

Q: What do these flowers have in common?

a. they bloom in time for late summer and fall weddings

b. they are grown in the USA

c. they are all the same genus

d. all of the above

These are some seriously gorgeous flowers. The answer is d: all of the above. They are all Dahlias, and they’re grown in Portland, Oregon by one guy, Mark Harvey, of Old House Dahlias. In fact, he grows more than 175 different types of them. Who says Spring brides have to get all the nice flowers? Dahlias are an absolutely gorgeous choice for wedding flowers in late summer and fall. They can get quite large and are pretty sturdy (they are tuberous), so they are a great choice for the heat of late summer and early fall weddings. Just a few stems can really add some delicious color to your wedding table.