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Problems you may encounter when operating a wood planer

Woodworking and sculpture are still preserved and developed as well as other professions. The expansion of the wood industry, followed by the development of woodworking machines, especially the wood planer that is an indispensable tool and an effective assistant to help carpenters easily flatten. , smooth wooden panels, thereby creating exquisite, beautiful products in today’s furniture manufacturing.

However, The best wood planer usually works with high performance and under high pressure. Consequently, when used for a long time, unfortunate incidents and failures are likely evident. And this not only makes it difficult for people to work, but it can also cause unnecessary risks.

Therefore, Questions about how to avoid errors and minimize the damage and harm caused by operating a wood planer are of more interest and attention.

In this article, I pointed out some common problems when using the cutters that you can refer to if you encounter them, you know how to handle them.

The ac motor does not start in the planer

Improper installation of wood planers is the cause of the motor from the power does not work. The circuit is assembled incorrectly, the power supply is not stable or the electric wire is too small to load the electricity leads to making the planer motor unable to start.

In case of touching masse due to the main short-circuiting, it opens the main winding circuit, the coil in 1-phase electric motor makes the combination lose. It can be determined using a VOM meter.

Affecting the masse will cause electric shock, when the engine may explode and lead to masse touch. Now, please check whether the engine is peeling or not. If yes, it should be repaired promptly.

When you hold the planer, the power shakes slightly in case of a slight shock. The cause is because the engine is contaminated with moisture, it needs to be dried. In the case of a strong electric shock, you must quickly bring it to a repair center for timely warranty.

The electric motor in the planer generates heat too quickly

The reason is that by affecting the phase coils, making the engine to heat rapidly and smoke may be emitted.

If this situation is maintained for a long time, the motor will be reduced and the buzzing will be generated, resulting in reduced productivity.

When the engine starts to pull the mass, the speed decreases, the heat creates, which leads to the case that the pressure is not pulled due to a sudden increase in the phase of the motor.

Wood planing motor when running, sometimes not

In many instances, the wood planer is suddenly stopped, resulting in an incomplete product. At this time, users need to check the power supply in the motor, whether the plugs are loose or not. Or the circuit breakers are working properly, the power supply CBs, screw joints are loose or not.

These problems require to be repaired in time because a sudden power outage will cause the planing machine to be interrupted. The engine that is operating but suddenly shut down will easily lead to an engine fire.

Or need to check the connectors and joints in the motor winding, the welding joints are also the cause of the motor of the wood planing device flickering, directly affecting the service life of the wood planer.

The heat generation is too hot when the engine is operating

This not only affects the motor but can also cause injury to the user, the main reason is:

  • Operation is suddenly lost phase.
  • The rotor motor is touched by the stator, which generates heat locally.
  • The power supply is not sufficient with the rated voltage.
  • Ventilation holes in the electric motor of the planing machine do not work.
  • Due to the incorrect assembly order of the machine’s parts, leading to an increase in unnecessary resistance to the engine of the machine when operating also generates heat.

The planer motor has the hum and the speed is not high

Due to insufficient power supply voltage will cause power interruption or short circuit in the engine is reduced to make a buzzing sound.

In conclusion

Above are some common errors in the operation of the wood planing device as well as the best thickness planer. Hopefully, this information will help you take note and make better use of your wood planer. And thank you for taking the time to read this article

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